Serving Students across Seven Schools with Farm to School

In this episode of The S-Files, we are exploring the service done by AmeriCorps member Wes Broske, who is serving with Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction AmeriCorps Farm to School at the Monona Grove School District, where he had previously worked with some of their students as an educational assistant. Wes describes working with students across their seven schools, including teaching nutrition lessons at their four elementary schools and working with middle school students on lessons on preservation and fermentation. He discusses working further develop school gardens throughout the district, hoping to expand them at several locations and increase student access to learning in the gardens. Wes also describes working to get local foods into schools, both locally through Harvest of the Month items in the Monona Grove School District and throughout the state by helping connect farmers and school food service directors through the Wisconsin Local Food Database by serving as the manager for the East Central region of the state. Listen to learn how Wes is making connections with students, farmers, and other AmeriCorps members as he continues developing lessons and ways for students to increase access to local foods and school gardens.