Reconnecting with a Passion for Healthy Foods while Serving with Farm to School

In this episode of The S-Files, we are exploring the service done by AmeriCorps member Emily Stockinger, who is serving her second term with Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction AmeriCorps Farm to School at the Arbor Vitae Woodruff School District. Emily discusses harvesting numerous items with students in their outdoor school garden this fall while the weather allows and how the students will continue growing lettuce throughout the year indoors with their hydroponic garden. She also describes how these foods are used in nutrition education lessons she has done with her students and additional activities they will do as they transition more into the classroom during the winter. Emily discusses the food tastings she has done with the students, including their schoolwide participation in the Great Lakes Great Apple Crunch earlier this month, and how she communicates these recipes and other information to the parents.  Listen to learn how Emily is reconnecting with a passion for healthy food through her service with Farm to School after a career in another field and the continued development of the activities she will be doing as she builds upon her experiences during her first term.