Promoting Public Safety and Serving Behind the Scenes with RSVP of Dane County

In this episode of The S-Files, we are exploring the service stories of two AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers, Jim Jenkins and Peggy York, who are serving with RSVP of Dane County. We start our conversation with Jim Jenkins, who describes the numerous volunteer service activities he has done over the last roughly eighteen years, including disaster response and preparedness training with the Red Cross and the Triad program, being a volunteer driver, and years of service on the RSVP board. We then sit down with Peggy York, who discusses her service on the Assessment Committee and Triad Committee, as well as sharing about the volunteer service her grandmother did with RSVP of Dane County as one of its earliest volunteers in the 1970s. Listen to learn about how both Jim and Peggy are making a difference through promoting safety for senior citizens and helping to support many other RSVP programs that impact people throughout Dane County.