Growing Community and Career Skills with the Green Bay Conservation Corps

In this episode, we are exploring the service stories of two AmeriCorps members, Lindsey Kurtz and Jared Gonzales, who are serving with the Green Bay Conservation Corps, which launched earlier this year. Lindsey and Jared describe the service they have done so far this year in the city’s parks and other outdoor spaces, including the removal of invasive species and collecting seeds from native plants for planting in the spring. They also discuss their efforts to engage and educate the public through community volunteer projects and the educational series they have planned on both the history of Green Bay parks and engaging people this spring outdoor in the parks to learn about bees, pollinators, native plantings, and other subjects. They also describe how they have been able to use some of their individual skills to support programmatic efforts and planning for future projects, with Jared discussing using a drone for gaining aerial perspectives and data on the public lands they serve and Lindsey describing using geospatial data for the creation of GIS mapping for analyzing progress and informing the public. Listen to learn how Lindsey and Jared are forging greater connections with the community during their service in Green Bay and how their service is helping them gain experience they plan to build upon into the future.