Finding Purpose through Service with Public Allies Racine/Kenosha

In this episode of The S-Files, we are exploring the service done by AmeriCorps member Lisandra Saldivar, who is serving with Public Allies Racine/Kenosha (PARK). Lisandra discusses the various service activities she has done at her host site, Focus on Community, including facilitating events that support the strengthening of local families and working with students in the classroom to provide life skills training focused on an effort to prevent substance abuse and inspire healthy life choices. She also shares about the activities she has done with her fellow PARK AmeriCorps members, including projects supporting additional nonprofit organizations in the Racine and Kenosha area, as well as ways they came together during their early team bonding activities. Listen to learn how Lisandra has been able to use her service as an opportunity to invest in the community that helped raise her and create deeper connections that will continue into the future while helping others.