Finding Joy Providing Opportunities through the Girl Scouts while serving with MCHS Community Corps

In this episode of The S-Files, we are exploring the service done by AmeriCorps member Sigourney Vandeveer, who is serving her second term with Marshfield Clinic Health System (MCHS) Community Corps at the Girl Scouts of the Northwestern Great Lakes in Green Bay. Sigourney discusses the multiple ways she helps provide activities for girls in underserved communities that otherwise might not be able to participate in the Girl Scouts, including sessions during the school day, after-school programming, and staff-led troops. She also discusses her experience leading girls during summer camp and the opportunities she has had to expand the reach of those she serves through participation in numerous community events across the year.  Listen in to learn about how Sigourney uses her specialty in origami at a strategy for connecting with the girls she works with and to help teach several things at once, as well as the overall joy she finds serving at the Girl Scouts that is “bundled up in cookies and laughter and friendship bracelets.”