Finding a Spirit for Service at Camp with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee

In this episode of The S-Files, we are exploring the service done by AmeriCorps member Kara Jorgensen, who completed her second AmeriCorps term with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee (BGCGM) – ClubCorps this August. Kara discusses the different roles she has undertaken supporting youth at Camp Whitcomb/Mason during her first term last summer and her yearlong term that concludes this summer.  She describes her experience guiding youth on the new challenge course that opened at camp this spring, including training them in safety during ground school and them supporting them as they take on the 22 elements up on the course, including 18 high ropes elements, climbing walls, and the zip line.  She also shares about the joy she has found helping the campers during her AmeriCorps service and the skills and experiences she will carry forward with her. Listen in to learn about how Kara received her “camp name” as “Spirit” and how the magical experience she has had serving at camp has led to her to continue with a third AmeriCorps term over the next year.