Establishing a Firm Foundation with MPL LibraryCorps

In this episode of The S-Files, we are exploring the service done by AmeriCorps member Sabina West, who is serving with MPL LibraryCorps. Sabina discusses serving during the inaugural year of the program through the Milwaukee Public Library and the different ways their AmeriCorps members are providing support to students. She describes the information technology literacy activities she did during the school year with students at three different Milwaukee schools, helping them build skills for their current grade and that they will use long into the future. She then spoke about the after-school programming she did with students at her assigned library branch, with their activities based around a theme for each day of the week.  Additionally, Sabina discusses how MPL LibraryCorps AmeriCorps members are providing enrichment activities to students at multiple summer school sites based upon a curriculum they individually created, with hers designed around astronomy. Listen in to learn how Sabina helped set a foundation for the future success of both the students she worked with this year and MPL LibraryCorps as a whole while serving as part of their initial cohort of AmeriCorps members.