Building Early Literacy with ECLIPSE

In this episode of The S-Files, we are exploring the service done by AmeriCorps member Kaitlyn Zenner, who served over the last year with ECLIPSE (Early Childhood Literacy Intervention Program Services and Evaluation) through the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. Kaitlyn discusses her service helping 3-5 year-old children at Days Gone By Early Learning grow in the areas of language, literacy, social interaction, and initiative skills. She describes the activities she did within their classroom, including with the child that she was paired with to provide specific literacy interventions. Listen to learn about how Kaitlyn built upon her previous experience conducting research on literacy interventions at UW-Eau Claire's Human Development Center during her AmeriCorps service, as well as how she will build upon lessons she learned during her service after receiving a Fulbright grant to further her experience instilling literacy skills.