Building Connections with Graduation Plus Students with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee

In this episode of The S-Files, we are exploring the service done by AmeriCorps member Sherlean Roberts, who is currently serving her third AmeriCorps term with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Milwaukee (BGCGM) - ClubCorps. Sherlean discusses how she is assisting students participating in their Graduation Plus program by providing mentorship and guidance from the early stages of the college application process through college graduation. Sherlean describes the different ways she is supporting both a cohort of current college students at Marquette University as well as high school students at The Ready Center and during visits to Milwaukee high schools. Sherlean discusses the ways she strives to form connections with students to strengthen the support she can provide to students, understanding the value of this assistance from her own participation in the program as a student. Listen in to learn about how Sherlean has forged meaningful connections and grown as a mentor for her students, which she plans to build upon during her fourth AmeriCorps term that she will be starting this fall.